1. 1. Introduction

The terms contained in this document (the “Promotional Terms”) apply to all promotional offers available through (each a “Promotion”) and together with any applicable specific promotional terms, which may also be referred to as (“Special Promotion”), set out on the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion (“Special Promotional Terms”).

The present Promotional Terms and any Special Promotional Terms, as published from time to time, form an integral part of Terms and Conditions. Therefore, by participating in any Promotion, you accept and agree to be bound by Terms and Conditions. is committed to making sure that its Players are playing responsibly and safely and that all Promotions and products offered by are used in a responsible manner. If we believe that a Player is experiencing harm or is vulnerable, reserves the right to cease offering a Promotion and will contact the Players to ensure that they are playing safely. We will routinely carry out welfare checks, especially if you are playing for long periods, but please take time to consider whether you may need help and look at our Player Protection page if you feel that you cannot control your gambling.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Promotional Terms, any applicable Special Promotional Terms, and the Terms and Conditions, the Special Promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by these Promotional Terms, and our Terms and Conditions, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.

  1. 2. Types of promotions offers a variety of promotions and/or discounts, to the Players in relation with scratch-cards, or any other related product we may offer time by time. Our Promotions, may include:

  • i. Scratch Bundles: within this type of Promotion, you may receive a promotion, free scratch-cards or you may get a discount on scratch-cards. These may require you to commit to certain conditions to claim them so please read the terms and conditions of each promotion carefully.

To be eligible for a Promotion, the Player shall fulfil the following conditions:

ii. Be the holder of a Account,

iii. Keep his/her personal data accurate and up to date; and

iv. Accept and comply with Terms and Conditions, as well as, with these Promotional Terms, and any Special Terms.

  1. 4. RESERVATIONS/ CANCELLATION reserves the right to block any Player Account and to cancel any Promotion in accordance with the below Section 5. further reserves the right to refuse any payout and/or to cancel any winnings if it appears that a Player is in breach of Section 5. is not obliged to offer Promotions and does so at its sole discretion.

The Promotions offered to Players are intended for personal use and may not be assigned, in whole or in part, to any other Player and/or third party. Players may not share Promotions with other Players. Promotions are optional, and Players may decline to participate in, any or all Promotions through their My Account Section under My Promotions.


Promotions are awarded to reward valued Players to enhance their enjoyment of through regular game play. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of Promotion abuse, and any other kind of fraudulent activity. Therefore, your use of any Promotion is subject to our review, and we reserve the right to take the following action against Players who have breached our Terms and Conditions, including breach of these Promotional Terms and Conditions:

i. Block access to any Promotion

ii. Remove or cancel any Promotion and/or pending Promotion

iii. Void or revoke any associated winnings made through the Promotion

iv. Block and/or close the Player Account, at our own discretion.

The determination of what constitutes a Promotion abuse will be at sole discretion, and includes but is not limited to the following:

i. Using more than one Player Account

ii. Registering more than one account to take advantage of a Promotion

iii. Wagering the Promotion on excluded games

iv. Promotion stacking by claiming multiple Promotions before having satisfied the original Promotion Playthrough Requirements

v. Using the same Bonus and/or Cash spins more than once.

vi. Using a VPN, or proxy or masking IP address

vii. Executing any of the above as part of a group or any other form of collusion.

  1. 6. NO WARRANTY, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY shall not be liable for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind or lost or unavailable network conditions which may limit or prohibit the ability to enter or participate in any Promotion. We shall not be liable for any damages or loss resulting from claimed Promotions.

We reserve the right to change or cancel any Promotions, including but not limited to, in the following reasons:

i. Legal or regulatory requirements

ii. Security

iii. Abuse or breach of our Terms and Conditions

iv. Unavoidable circumstances

v. Human error

vi. Promotion abuse (please see Section 5 Promotional Abuse Policy)

vii. Other valid reasons determined in our sole discretion

We reserve the right to refuse or void a Promotion and related winnings in the event of your deposits being cancelled or denied by any payment service or payment provider related to you or in the event of chargebacks.


The following Terms and Conditions will apply to all Scratch Bundles granted by to a Player.

i. You may receive a discount and/or an amount of free scratch-cards, when you purchase a specific number of scratch-cards,

ii. The amount of free scratch-cards and/or discount may vary from time to time, in the sole discretion of, as detailed in the Special Promotional Terms.

iii. All Scratch-card Bundle will be made available for a limited period of time and available to claim until a specific date.

iv. Any claimed Scratch-card Bundle will be automatically activated.

v. Failure to complete the Scratch-card Bundle purchase within one (1) day from the activation will result in the cancellation of the Scratch-card Bundle.

vi. The Scratch-card Bundle can only be used in Scratch-card as specified by, in its sole discretion, through the Special Promotional Terms.

vii. We reserve the right to cancel any granted and activated Scratch-card Bundle if, in sole discretion, we consider there has been an abuse, manipulation, fraudulent or irregular, use of the Scratch-card Bundle. Any such behaviour and/or activity will be considered as an abuse subject to these Promotional Terms and Condition of Section 5 and may result in the cancellation of the Scratch-card Bundle, any winnings and may result in closure of the account, in sole discretion.

These Promotional Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Scratch-card Bundles granted by, except as otherwise set out in the relevant Special Promotional Terms.