Scratch Card Game Reviews

The scratch card game reviews that you will find on this page look at all aspects of the scratch card game; from the cost per card (minimum and maximum bets) to how to play and the highest jackpots available on each individual game. There are scratch card game reviews listed for both online instant win games and the scratch off tickets that you can buy at your local retailer. The scratch card game reviews section will be updated as and when new games are launched.

Deal or No Deal

Jackpot Scratch ReviewNoel Edmonds is the face smiling out at you from the Deal or No Deal scratchcard dressed in a sparkling silver jackpot with a silver phone at his ear, obviously talking to the "The Banker". The popular game show from Endemol on Channel 4 comes to a scratchcard from the National Lottery and like the official game show, the top prize available on the Deal or No Deal scratchcard is £250,000 with six of these top prizes available...

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Golden Fortune

Golden Fortune Scratch Card ReviewGolden Fortune is a beautifully presented online scratchcard game that allows players to try their luck at up to three cards at the same time. The main scratchcard has a cash-green background, with golden rays streaming from a Golden Fortune logo at the very top of the screen. Each of the three game cards is presented against this background as a grid of nine golden scratch panels, and you choose which cards you want to play by clicking to highlight them...

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Bingo ReviewBingo is one of many scratchcards that you can buy from any official National Lottery retailer and as the name would suggest, is a game of bingo. However you would be mistaken to think that being a British scratchcard that you would be playing 90 ball bingo, the four bingo boards on your scratchcard are actually 75 ball. Each of the four boards are 5 x 5 grids with all squares containing a number other than the centre square which is free...

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Crypt Crusade Gold

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewCrypt Crusade Gold gives online scratchcard players the chance to explore a crypt that just happens to harbour as many potential rewards as it does potential dangers. The action takes place on a layout which is similar to a board game, but instead of just moving a playing piece from space to space you get your very own intrepid explorer who does the walking all by himself. At the bottom right of the screen is a large compass that you spin to determine how many spaces your explorer can move in each turn...

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Bunny Boiler Gold

Golden Fortune Scratch Card ReviewBunny Boiler Gold belongs to a new breed of online scratchcards that maximise the use of audio and animation to give players a truly interactive gaming experience. In the case of Bunny Boiler Gold, the game has a format that is similar to a board game, but here the action is viewed from a side elevation perspective as the bunny in question goes underground to try and collect cash prizes. If the bunny succeeds then so do you, but watch out – this particular rabbit burrow is booby trapped...

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Happy Birthday

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewHappy Birthday is, as you might expect, a celebratory scratchcard game that can be played at the Scratch2Cash online scratchcards site. As well as offering a top prize of up to £200,000, Happy Birthday is packed with images that you might expect to see at a birthday party, including gift boxes, party hats, a birthday cake and fireworks. The game is very simple to play and looks fantastic. It also boasts a party clown who, as you will see shortly, plays a very helpful role when it comes to winning cash prizes!

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Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewBill and Ted's Bogus Journey was a hugely popular movie when it was released in 1991, and it inspired teenagers all over the world to play air guitar whilst uttering surprisingly catchy buzz words such as “excellent” and “triumphant”. Although some years have gone by since Bill and Ted were on the big screen, the characters still enjoy something of a cult following, and as if proof of that were needed fans of online scratchcards can now play a Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey online scratchcard game...

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Scrabble Deluxe

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewThe game of Scrabble has been around in online scratchcard form for quite a while, but Scrabble Deluxe at the National Lottery site takes the game to a whole new level, with luxurious graphics and a top prize of £75,000 to play for. Each game costs just £2 and gives players a 1 in 4.49 chance of winning a prize, and the good news is that you don’t have to be a whizz at Scrabble itself to succeed...

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Memory Madness

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewMemory Madness is one of those very special online scratchcards that most people would be very happy to play even if there was no possibility of winning a cash prize. Fortunately, Memory Madness is a Hopa game, so as well as enjoying every second of the gaming experience itself you can also win up to £200,000 at the same time! Of course, if you want to play for free to simply try the game then you can do so, but the combination of first class entertainment and real cash prizes is difficult to beat...

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Candy Tale

Crypt Crusade Gold ReviewCandy Tale is an online scratchcard game which has a deliciously sweet candy theme. The Candy Tale game itself adheres to the traditional scratchcard format and involves little more than scratching the panels to see what symbols are hidden underneath. What makes this game slightly different from some other online scratchcards is that the positions of the symbols are just as important as the symbols themselves, because to win a prize you need to get three matching symbols...

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