Golden Fortune Scratchcard

Gala CasinoGolden Fortune is a beautifully presented online scratchcard game that allows players to try their luck at up to three cards at the same time. The main scratchcard has a cash-green background, with golden rays streaming from a Golden Fortune logo at the very top of the screen. Each of the three game cards is presented against this background as a grid of nine golden scratch panels, and you choose which cards you want to play by clicking to highlight them, or you can click on a Max Cards button to play all three cards. Above the three game cards is a horizontal panel of five golden coins that are essential to the game no matter how many cards you choose to play.

The prizes available in Golden Fortune vary according to how much you decide to pay for each card, so the more you stake the more you can win. You set your stake by adjusting the value in the Card Price panel at the lower right of the screen, and when you have set both your stake and the number of games that you want to play, you are ready to see how your luck fares!

Press the Play button and each of the five golden coins at the top of the play area will rotate to reveal a number. These are winning numbers, and your job now is to scratch all nine panels on each of your active cards to see if you can find one that matches. Every number revealed on your scratchcard carries a prize value, so if you find a number that matches one of the golden coin numbers you will win whatever prize is associated with that number.

If you scratch a panel and you reveal a Sack of Gold symbol instead of a number then you have landed an Instant Win prize, the value of which depends on how lucky you happen to be at the time. Reveal a Suitcase symbol (the suitcase is also full of gold) and you will get to play a Bonus Game which involves stopping eight suitcases that just happen to be rotating in a circle. The suitcase that is highlighted when you stop them will then open and you will win whatever cash prize is contained inside.

Golden Fortune Summary

Although Golden Fortune is a very straightforward game to play from a technical point of view, it delivers a pleasingly rich gaming experience. There aren’t many scratchcards that only require you to match one symbol (in this case a number) to win a prize, and there are even fewer that also offer Instant Win prizes as well as a fully animated Bonus Game. All of that makes Golden Fortune a fantastic scratchcard title that you are sure to enjoy. Play it today and as well as getting great value for money you just might win yourself a Golden Fortune!

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