Crypt Crusade Gold

Gala CasinoCrypt Crusade Gold gives online scratchcard players the chance to explore a crypt that just happens to harbour as many potential rewards as it does potential dangers. The action takes place on a layout which is similar to a board game, but instead of just moving a playing piece from space to space you get your very own intrepid explorer who does the walking all by himself. At the bottom right of the screen is a large compass that you spin to determine how many spaces your explorer can move in each turn, and you get eight turns to try and reach the jackpot treasure chest at the centre of the crypt.

Your explorer starts at the bottom of the screen with a route of octagonal spaces ahead of him. Click the compass to determine how many spaces he should move and he will do so automatically. All of the graphics in this game are presented in a cartoon-style and so Crypt Crusade Gold will make you smile even though your adventurer (who is suitably togged up in a safari outfit) is effectively risking his life at every turn.

When your adventurer has moved the number of spaces indicated by the compass, the symbol he stands on determines what happens next:

  • Land on a blank space and nothing happens, so if you have turns left you can simply click the compass and continue your perilous journey.
  • Land on a space which shows a prize value and you win that prize and can continue your journey.
  • Land on a Golden Compass (which is admittedly rather rare) and you will trigger a jackpot game which will result in you winning one of ten special prizes.
  • Land on a space that is marked with a skull and crossbones and your adventurer will meet his sticky end and the game will end just as quickly. Fortunately, if you have previously passed by any Prize spaces then you will get to keep the value of the most recent prize that you passed.

Crypt Crusade Gold Summary

Ideally, you and your adventurer will continue evading perils and passing prize points until you reach the jackpot treasure chest at the centre of the crypt, but this game is so good that you will enjoy playing even if you only manage to pick up some of the smaller prizes. And of course, if you don’t grab that treasure chest on your very first attempt you can easily play again and have another go!

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