Bingo Scratchcard

Gala CasinoBingo is one of many scratchcards that you can buy from any official National Lottery retailer and as the name would suggest, is a game of bingo. However you would be mistaken to think that being a British scratchcard that you would be playing 90 ball bingo, the four bingo boards on your scratchcard are actually 75 ball. Each of the four boards are 5 x 5 grids with all squares containing a number other than the centre square which is free.

As well as four bingo boards you have four chances of being a winner on the Bingo scratchcard. Each of the four boards list the prizes available and these vary from board to board. There is a prize for diagonal, column, row and four corners on each of the four boards and the prize money varies from board to board.

Above the boards on the Bingo scratchcard are 20 bingo balls, this is the “Callers Card”and the aim of the game is to either mark all four corners, a diagonal line, a row or a column of numbers off on one of more of the boards on the Bingo scratchcard.

Eight Top Prizes of £300,000

How you choose to play is entirely up to you; scratch of all the balls on the Bingo scratchcard first or simply reveal them bit by bit. As you reveal a number, check to see if it is on any of the four bingo boards and scratch it off. When you have checked all 20 numbers against your bingo boards the game is over.

It is worth noting that the Bingo scratchcard is also available to play online at the official National Lottery site. There are eight top prizes of £300,000 to be won from the Bingo scratchcard.

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