Scratch Cards!Scratchcards are a type of lottery game that has been very popular for many years. Traditional scratch cards were made from cardboard and featured silver coloured panels on the gaming side. Scratching the silver panels revealed symbols printed underneath, and if the player revealed the correct symbols (according to the rules of the scratchcard in question) then they were entitled to win a cash prize.

Although traditional scratchcards are still available from convenience stores, social clubs and other retail outlets, the advent of internet technology has breathed new life into scratchcard games. No longer are you limited to drab and lifeless cardboard games. Instead, you can play online scratchcard games that feature sound, music, animation and a whole lot more interactive fun than ever before.

How to Play Scratchcards

Because online scratchcards are wholly digital products, you don’t need to visit any traditional retailer to start playing. All you have to do is fire up your home computer, connect to the internet and purchase scratchcards online. The cost of online scratchcard games obviously varies, but prices start at much lower levels than you will find offline (some games can be played for free!), so you can easily enjoy a lot more gaming action online without spending a penny more than you would on traditional games.

Free Scratchcards

In an effort to attract even the novice player you will often find a selection of free scratchcards available online. The free online scratchcards can come in different forms; a no deposit required welcome to bonus to one of the many online brands or simply demo play so that you can try a variety of different types available. Of course the general rule of thumb when playing free scratchcards is that you cannot win real money however on occasion a site may offer a ‘freebie’ as part of a promotion in which case the rules may vary.

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Playing Scratchcards Online

When playing scratchcards online there is no fumbling in your pocket for a coin to see if you're a winner, the revelation is just a click of a mouse button away. The technology used to play scratchcards online brings a great virtual experience with more to offer then just your "scratch off" options. There's a whole plethora of exciting games offered when you are playing scratch cards online and each with the option to bet as little or as much as you want.

Playing scratchcards online is not limited by time, you can play anytime day or night and all you have to do is choose the virtual game you wish to play, reveal the correct symbols and you could be winning impressive cash prizes within minutes.

ScratchCards games have something for everyone- true winning potential, excitement, ease of play, anytime and anywhere with a connection to the Web.

Scratchcards Tips

Scratchcards tips won’t guarantee that you’ll be a big winner online or offline but simply help you to get the most out of your game play. There are many different aspects to look at from your budget to your choice of scratchcard or even online gaming site. Of course the more games that you play, the better your chances of winning but other than that there aren’t any scratchcard tips that will make you a big winner as it’s all a game of chance.